We Rocked Regionals - Get Ready for State
  • Ice Cream and Blue Streaks, Celebrate Success, talk about what to tell myself in the past that I know now or whomever will be taking my place
  • Scores
  • Who’s going?
  • What are the goals for State?
  • Which events are people going to do? Show tentative schedule on projector to be sure not to schedule conflicts. We have 4 going to National History Day and Emily conflicted as well
  • Who’s checking emails, the wiki, home for Spring Break?
  • 4 weeks
Nicholas V
Victoria C
Lily H
Yashu G
Jasmine K
Victoria S
Domineyk R
Cyrus A
Truman A
Nick D
Nicole V
Emily P
Noor S
Ashley P
Jacqueline S

Happy February! Three weeks to Allendale Invite!

  • Pick a tshirt
  • Allendale Schedule
    • Nick - Experimental Design Candidates
    • Kelsey? Meteorology
    • Food Science - Yashu? Nicole
    • Anatomy - Nicole? Ashley?
    • What do you need to do to improve on last meet?
    • Go over tests, if you haven't done so
    • Thursday - Road Scholar and Dynamic Planet
    • Build quizzes, tests, flashcards, notes.
    • Luke?
    • 2012 Trial events have been selected.
      Division B
      Catch It! Schematic

Happy New Year!

Laingsburg - Next Saturday! Final Schedule Thursday.
Are you ready to compete?

How are you going to remember to bring what you need?
MAKE A LIST IN YOUR BINDER!!! Your binder should have - check lists, a copy of the rules, notes, tests, ....
- correctly formatted notes?
- goggles
- pencil
-any other allowed supplies (make a checklist for this too) Do you have a box or tote bag for these supplies

Meeting Work Schedule
Study Tips - Group Roles
Go See what the other teams are doing (tests often posted)


Confirm competition schedule

- Who will be able to meet Wed, Nov 23? Not?
- Dec 3 build day
- Are we ready to add second day? after Christmas? Invitational is Jan 14.
- When determine team captains? Run some tests to rank? Right before Christmas break?
- Binder check after Thanksgiving.
- Point out over and under populated events, quick run through which events folks are doing – understand our distribution - we are really thin on several – won’t have binders to check if no ownership of event. Maybe list events on board and list names under as hands are raised?

Thanksgiving Assignments - are you on wiki??????????????

Event Focus
- Any requests for coach assistance? Questions?
- Build review/assignments with Dr. Jack
  • o Bottle Rocket
  • o Keep the Heat
  • o Mousetrap Vehicle
  • o Towers
  • o Mission Possible
- Microbe Mission – Annika (Anne)
- Food Science – Anne Spiegel
- Compute This – look at search strategy
- Disease Detectives – lot’s of good training materials available for this, please get started

Events for Next Week
- Forestry
- Water Quality
- Crime Busters
- Disease Detectives

Note for Anne: Road Scholar test

  • Homework Report - work accomplished, needs identified
  • Prep tips handout/Can't read rules too many times/Notebook checks soon/Exit form
  • Thin events
    • Dynamic Planet - (who doesn't have something to work on, explore this topic)
    • Meteorology - Emily preso
  • Event Focus:
    • This Week Coach Support
      • Keep the Heat part 2
      • Mousetrap Brake - Noah
      • Compute This - Noah (Anne)
      • Optics - Coach Roger
      • Earth Science Overview
    • This Week Event Assignments:
      • Road Scholar - find box, old test to send to potential coach
      • Crime Busters - Fibers
      • Microbe Mission - meet and greet, start learning the event
      • Forestry - meet and greet, get started
      • Aquifer - work on team preso
      • Optics - how many mirrors are in the box (need 5). Plethora of online resources, meet today
  • ASAP Coach Support
    • Optics - tons of amazing resources, need mirrors?
    • Water Quality
    • Microbe Mission
    • Food Science (viscosity tester)
    • Rocks kit coming

  • Sign In, Exit Form, Roster
  • Long Weekend - 8 weeks to Laingsburg
  • Prep Tips

Coach Focus:
  • Anatomy
  • Mousetrap Brake
  • Compute This
  • Keep the Heat
  • Mission
  • Build Report

Suggestions for Agenda – change at will:
  • Home work –
    • Did you read through rule book – who didn’t take their books? - i need to copy a few, i only ordered 25
    • Tests needed: Carson, Aspen, Ben
  • Build workshop report –
    • what did you learn that would be helpful for the rest of the team to know that would apply to all of the events
    • Identify Event knowledge leaders and event absentees in order to connect, meet and discuss
  • Post Event Matrix – Nothing set in stone. Sometime during the hour:
    • Check the matrix for accuracy and changes
    • Note where we are heavy and lightly populated – make yourself marketable (Dynamic Planet, Meteorology, Road Scholar)
    • If you have "0" listed, be sure to see Mrs. Spiegel to correct
    • Note team mates with the same event – meet them, highlight on your roster – work with them today, discuss strategy
    • Post your names to the wiki under the appropriate event page
    • Ideally add one great resource link to one of your event pages
  • Quick Wiki Overview
    • No personal information
    • Notes instead of or to print out for binder
    • T-shirt design, let’s start this early so we have shirts for Invitationals - Post your designs in time for vote next week
    • If I have correct email, you’re added as editor. If not, see me and I can add you
  • Today’s focus events:
    • All events make supply list and plan to acquire – do we need funds? Have available in someone’s basement?
    • All events - consider potential experts make list to contact
    • If you weren’t at Workshop and want to learn about the event see (chaos here unless we schedule). What I'd like to do is have leaders give presentation and training, resources, send folks home to build with set dates to compete in-house:
      • Towers – (Yashu) – Amanda, Domineyk +5 ??Bring tower 2 weeks out to compete?
      • Mission Possible – (Nick, Harris) Domineyk +8
      • Trebuchet – (Carson, Truman, Luke) Domineyk +4
      • Mousetrap – (Kelsey, Jackie) Dom? +8 Bring cars 4 weeks out to compete?
      • Bottle Rocket – (Ben, Chaz) Dom? +10 Bring rockets 3 weeks out to compete?
    • Keep the Heat team – Report to Dr. Jack (Yashu, Bharti, Amanda)
    • Mission Possible team – create project schedule/timeline with milestones. Include time for practice! (Anne can show Excel Spread with due dates)
    • Crime Busters – Noor, Victoria, Ashley Check supplies
    • Food Science – Compile supply list, assign mates to bring; plan study strategies
    • Aquifers – Countryman, Huver – Lily train Victoria a bit, especially on the test portion
    • Compute This – Nick and Cquest – take a look at this, Nick train up Cquest a bit.
    • Disease Detectives – Kathy can you give some direction here? (Kelsey, Jackie, Nicole)
    • Might be good to present thin events to group somehow – read the rules? Highlight something?
    • Anatomy – we have strong interest here. 8. Possibly a contest would work for this. Each contender come up with three questions. Preferably with a webquest format on the wiki. Coach compiles and they all get to take the test?
    • Road Scholar - Nick, Victoria, Truman - meet to discuss strategy. Collect sample test to send to expert.
WRAP – Up –
  • discuss needed supplies that are challenging to obtain
  • discuss list experts and strategy to find
  • Roster – did you highlight event mates? Meet them?
  • Were you able to enter the wiki and edit?
  • Schedule from Mission Possible team.

Oct 19:
Meet and greet, ice breaker - nametags, list top three events of interest

Set tone
- need alternates for training, testing, backup, getting things done, escorts at competition, train for next year
- need to work hard
- have fun (Science party tricks?)

Rules - some seem silly, but must comply - hole punch
Code of Ethics
Continuous Improvement, after Invitational, Regional

- read the problems as team
+ highlight tools needed
+ highlight vocab
- vocab in notes
- add resources to wiki, review wiki
- note check
- how to prep

- Build it, Oct 22
- November field trip to GVSU
- Invitational

Tools we need to succeed
- hard work
- timeline/checkpoints
- rocket launcher

Team Building/Participatory events:
- Write it/Do It Contest
- Experimental Design Lesson
- Progress Reports, Demonstrations, Mini-lessons