Doing a competition
  • NHMS Orientation
  • Invite Flyer to 6th graders

  • Ask 6th grade teachers to encourage potentially successful candidates

Sep last week
  • Invite Flyer out

  • Interest Forms make clear how to review and choose top interests.
Form in office, posted to web, emails blogged

  • Team Rules expectations, academic emphasis clearly communicated

  • Parent expectations clearly communicated

  • Calendar communicated

Oct Week 1
  • Test

Oct Week 2
Parents Evening Meeting

  • Experienced Students explain Scioly to newbies
Team Meeting After School

  • Team Meeting review events 1-12, rules, expectations, encourage and entice to academic events

Oct Week 3
  • Team Meeting review events 13-23, rules, expectations
Oct 20
  • Grandville Build-It Day
?Anyone with a parent?
Pass a test? Safety? Read rules?
Oct - Dec
  • Event Meetings as often as possible

  • Team Meetings once per month? More?

Jan Week 2
  • Laingsburg Invite

Forest Hills Challenge? First week April or First week February

Feb 2
  • Grandville Invite
Apr Week 4?
  • Allendale Invitational

Mar 23, 2013
  • GVSU Regional

April 27, 2013
  • Michigan State Tournament