2011/2012 Team
Noor - Lead
Nicole V.



Allendale Answers:

2010-2011 Disease Detective Team:
Chris C.
Sam E.
Jessie S. (A)
Alec A.

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coach tips

Super important handout
Practice Exam, Answer Key
For more information look at http://www.cdc.gov/excite/disease_detectives/index.htm

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2007 Div. B National exercise/Answers

2007 Div. C National exercise/Answers
Training Handout (2008)

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Sample Exercise

Training Handout (2009)
Principles of Epidemiology (CDC Online introduction to epidemiology textbook)
Epiville (Outbreak Simulation Columbia University)
Montclair State University - Middle School Epidemiology Curriculum
Young Epidemiology Scholars program
National Institutes of Health – Emerging & Re-emerging Infectious Diseases
Bad Bug Book- A compendium of bacteria, viruses, parasites and other causes of foodborne illness
John Snow - UCLA site
BAM - CDC Office of Communication website for middle school kids
National Center for Birth Defects and Disability
College Board Young Epidemiology Scholar (YES) Program
University of Pittsburgh Epidemiology Super course Website
Population Growth Concerns
Population Growth Concerns 2
Ecology of Increasing Disease
Outbreak at Watershed (Online Game)
Science Mystery (Online Game)
Buffet Busters (Online Game)
DD Wiki - Amazing resource. Definitely take advantage of it.
Training Handout - excellent resource
(Challenging) Practice Exam - The official rules are rather vague, so getting familiar with a practice test will be really helpful. Warning: This is from the national level, so the questions are quite difficult, but the answers are given.
Sample Exercise - Simpler practice exercise. Not a full test, but gives you an idea of what you can expect.