2012 Team (No Order):
  • Jackie (lead)
  • Kelsey
  • Cyrus

  • Hugh

Homework: If you have 2 inch wheels:

What is the diameter of the wheels?
how far does the wheel travel in one rotation? (pd)
How far do you want the car to go?
How many rotations of the 2 inch wheel will that be?
If the threaded rod for the brake is sized 32, that means there are 32 threads (rotations) per inch.

How many inches would you need your threaded rod to be to travel the required distance?

  • Built an early prototype
  • Working on new frames and wheels

the metal pieces to stabilize axle worked fabulously. could you make a few more please? the rod is 3/16"

  1. A long rod is needed to connect the mousetrap to the axle
  2. Brakes are needed to stop the car at the right distance.

look at last year's event battery buggy for brake information.

Look up Dr. Fizzix for great how to's and videos