• Be prepared to work and work hard! Stay on task. Bring rules, study binder, pencils, plan of action to every meeting. Your binder should include: rules, vocabulary list, check list for competition and checklist for kit or supplies needed for competition.
Primary Resources:
Suggested Timeline:
Study Strategies:
  • Review National Science Olympiad Student Prep Sheet <<<<Really Important!
  • Vocabulary – flash cards, word games, develop a vocabulary list in your binder
  • Refine Notes – look at format parameters
  • Review links – Each event has a page on the wiki, watch for updates regularly on our wiki, other team wikis, and scioly.org wiki
  • Find new resources – online texts, youtube/video instruction, various wikis
  • Write Tests
  • Study Tests
  • Take Tests
  • Learn test taking strategies
  • Quiz your partners
  • Binder check – organized? Complete? What’s missing
  • Review other team sites - amazing info, tests, more!!!!!!!
  • By now, event responsibilities/break out should be established
    Learning roles Who is responsible for learning which parts of the problem??? By section? By topic? By study strategy?
    Execution roles assigned to event team members? Who is better at which aspects of the event?
    Functional roles Scribe, rule/focus keeper, resource manager...
    Project Plan timeline, milestones, break down
  • Plan additional meeting times!! Homework commitments!!!
  • Query experts. Who can help you learn this?
  • Are your resources in order? Replacements needed?


builds - build, test, refine. Keep a log of your project:

Download these tests http://www.scioly.org/wiki/2011_Test_Exchange

Watch the clarifications:http://www.soinc.org/official_rules_clarif

Check out these Flashcards, many Science Olympiad event sets:

Study your competition on You Tube Scioly.org images and at Invitationals!